About Us

mazad مزاد is an e-commerce site designed to provide a safe and friendly alternative trading place for sellers and buyers around the globe.

The mazad مزاد idea started back in 2002 and we are enhancing our site to ensure our members’ satisfaction. Our offices are located in Lebanon, Canada, and in the United States.

As we expand our services in the region, we maintain our commitment to provide a safe and friendly environment for our members to bid, sell or buy.  On mazad مزاد you can be the seller, the buyer, and the auctioneer. Our category rich site allows you to place products in so many categories and sub-categories, such as consumer electronics, fashion, household goods, watches or perfumes, and more.

mazad مزاد operates both as an auction site and as a marketplace for third party sellers. Your experience on mazad مزاد will be safe and friendly with our secure online payment option accepting all major credit cards, and PayPal.

We welcome your suggestions and input.

Please let your friends know about mazad مزاد so they too can enjoy friendly and safe trading.